Brand Assets

Brand Guidelines

These guidelines outline the general rules when using’s brand assets. You may only use the approved brand assets that are provided on this page. Consistent use of these assets helps people easily recognize references to and bring trust to every transaction. may suspend your application’s access to our services if these guidelines are not followed. Button

Displaying these on your homepage, products and promotional pages is a great way to reassure your customers that their personal information is safe and that their identity information will be handled securely.

For all customer integrations, requires its branded Verification and Sign In buttons to be implemented as accessible, HTML-coded buttons with corresponding ARIA roles, attributes, and states.


Verify with

The “Verify with” button provides a pathway to invoke’s identity and community verification solution. This ensures a consistent design experience for’s members and customers.

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Signin with

The “Sign in with button” can be used to enable single-sign-on (SSO) integrations. Identity or community verification flows can also be activated subsequent to SSO.

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Approved formats

Standard button guidelines

Using the standard versions of the button on your site will trigger an immediate association for users. will, on a case by case basis, review and approve deviations from the above-described standard versions.

Standard button allows for flexibility

It is powerful on its own and is equally present alongside other call to actions

Assessibility for all

Our button is synonomous to our brand and meets ‘AA’ Color Contrast standard for easy identification

A symbol of trust

The “tick” icon has dual meaning–it represents our commitment to safeguard personal information and evokes trust Logo

Consistent use of our logo is essential to brand recognition

Rectangle-shaped button



Pill-shaped button



Improper formats

Example 1 of 5

Improper outline stroke weight in text rather than approved logo

Example 2 of 5

Low contrast between button text and background color Sharp edges make it appear less like a button

Example 3 of 5

Improper font style Not approved color Incorrect logo presentation (stretched horizontally)

Example 4 of 5

Low contrast between button text and background color Improper spacing between text and logo Gray color makes the button appear inactive

Example 5 of 5

Improper contrast for text and logo (Doesn’t pass 508 ‘AA’ color contrast) Misrepresentation of standard button (wrong green; excessive rounded corner radius) button widget

Code Snippet

The following code snippet can be used to add the button widget to your app. This widget only supports a full page redirect to the authorization endpoint.

  data-text="[AFFINITY GROUP] receives [OFFER] with"
<script src=""></script>


These parameters establish both necessary and adaptable configurations, empowering customers to align with brand guidelines, utilize the appropriate button for specific scenarios, and guide users seamlessly through subsequent steps.

Parameter Values Description Required
data-scope military,responder,student,teacher,government Defines the community you are requesting permission to access. Required
data-client-id [YOUR_CLIENT_ID] The client identifier received during app registration. It is automatically generated and can be found in your application dashboard. Required
data-redirect [YOUR_REDIRECT_URI] The url the user gets redirected to after authorizing an app. Set by the developer within the application dashboard. Required
data-response code or token The OAuth 2.0 grant type - Authorization Code (code) or Implicit (token). Required
data-text Example: Military members receive 10% off with A recommended parameter that displays a custom offer description within the Button Widget. Required if data-type="link"
data-logo [YOUR_LOGO_URL] A recommended parameter that displays a logo at the community selection page. Optional
data-hero [YOUR_HERO_IMAGE_URL] A recommended parameter that displays a hero image at the community selection page. Optional
data-state Example: 24730b6d A parameter to carry through any server-specific state you need to protect against CSRF issues. Optional
data-display popup or fullpage A recommended parameter that determines to user experience. Defaults to fullpage. Optional
data-show-verify true or false Displays the "Verification by" text. Defaults to false. Optional
data-app-id Example: SC529724439d8558619035353581 An Application Identifier, used to denote a unique application on the partner side Optional

Example Pop-up Redirect Page

The user will authenticate, verify and then authorize your app inside of the popup before being taken to the redirect URI. Our suggestion as this point is to handle the OAuth token response, close the popup and then refresh the parent window. Here is an example of a dummy page you could place at the redirect URI to achieve this.