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Getting Started

To get started with an integration you’ll need to do the following.

  • Sign up for an developer account.
  • Register your organization.
  • Select which groups you would like to enable for verification.
  • Choose your platform to review the recommended integration options.
  • Place our ‘Verify with’ button on your site to begin testing authentication and verification.
  • Contact to generate test credentials.
  • Once verification is complete at, the partner sends a request to’s API to retrieve user attributes.

By default, your application will be set up for OAuth. Upon registration, you will immediately have access to the application details page which will list the client_id and client_secret for your OAuth client.

Leveraging the IDP SAML service will vary depending on the product that is used to implement the federation relationship. Currently, we do not support creating SAML SP profiles automatically through the portal, please contact for assistance in the process.