Federated Protocols

ID.me seamlessly integrate our verification solution using open federated protocols like SAML, OAuth 2.0, and OpenID Connect. These federated protocols simplify the process of integrating ID.me's shared authentication service and API-based identity orchestration platform, providing a user-friendly and secure experience for our customers.

Get Started

To get started with an integration you’ll need to do the following:


Sign up for an ID.me developer account.

Existing users can click here to sign into their ID.me account, and new users can click here to create their ID.me account.


Start integration and register your organization.

One organization is all you will need to configure an application and policies for verification.


Select the appropriate identity verification policy

Choose an identity verification or customer segmentation policy so ID.me can streamline your workflow.


Choose your platform to review the recommended integration options.

Select turnkey integrations for various platforms and programming languages using the industry open standards.


Review application credentials, documentation and brand guidelines

Retrieve the client ID, secret and authorization endpoint required to begin testing ID.me verification.