KBA Replacement

KBA-R, or Knowledge-Based Authentication Replacement, is the process of replacing easily accessible knowledge-based answers such as, “What is the color of your car?”, with one strong piece of identity verification such as phone verification or identity document upload.

When to use this policy

Ideal for integrations with low incentive for fraud (e.g., part of the experience has an in-person aspect).

Verification is achieved with one strong piece of evidence - either document or telecom verification.

Who is eligible?

Anyone 18-years or older is eligible to be verified leveraging ID.me’s KBA-R identity verification solution.

Essence of policy

Identity verification based on one (1) strong piece of evidence:

  • Phone Verification


  • Document Authentication

Verification flows

As of November 2023, ID.me has verified the identity of over 51 million pre-verified users with KBA-R or higher. And our network is growing by the tens of thousands daily. Since ID.me takes a network approach, these pre-verified users can now securely access offers, benefits, and services in seconds with just 3-clicks. New users complete verification just as fast, using the least amount of information required to verify their identity.

Here you can find what the KBA-R identity verification user experience looks like today:

Use cases

Here you can find example ID.me use cases:

Hotel Check-In - MGM Resorts & Wynn

Age Verification - Pilot

Resident Verification - Torrey Pines

Within Account - Fund The First