Attributes Exchange

In addition to legal identity, our attribute exchange validates unique attributes, like someone's status as a Veteran, doctor, student, First Responder, nurse, and more. We also conduct records and licensing checks to verify personal details such as Name, Date of Birth, and license numbers. These validated credentials complement our legal identity credentials and facilitate federated Attribute Based Access Control, granting special access privileges for specific groups like medical providers and Veterans. This user-centric model allows multiple credentials to be linked to a single login, delivering a seamless and customer-focused experience.

Community Verification's Community Verification solution identifies whether a consumer belongs to a particular community or "group." For example, can verify community affiliations of the military, first responders, teachers, students, nurses, doctors, corporate employees, plus many more.

Upon successfully verifying someone's community status, mints the user the corresponding credential in their Digital Wallet, which enables a user to store and seamlessly share their verified information securely across our network.'s network includes over 100 million users. Customers can make exclusive offers within their loyalty program available to the more than 20 million users who have already verified their community status. After integrating, in just three clicks or about 20 seconds, these users can consent to share their community information from their Digital Wallet.

Age Verification's age verification process is a reliable solution for organizations and businesses seeking to confirm the age of their users. It involves a secure and efficient system that verifies a user's age by checking against trusted data sources. This can be crucial for industries such as alcohol and tobacco sales, gaming, and other age-restricted services. Users can provide necessary evidence to prove their age. This verification process ensures compliance with legal age restrictions, safeguarding both businesses and consumers. With, organizations can confidently and efficiently verify the age of their users while enhancing security and regulatory compliance.

COVID Health Status & Vaccination Records's verification services extend to COVID-related data, providing a comprehensive solution. We offer the ability to verify COVID vaccine records, ensuring that individuals have received the necessary vaccinations. Additionally, we can authenticate COVID test results, helping organizations and individuals confirm their health status.

Furthermore, our platform allows for the completion of daily health status checks, which is particularly valuable for workplaces, schools, and other institutions seeking to maintain a safe and healthy environment. By integrating's services, organizations can promote compliance with health guidelines and ensure the well-being of their members and employees in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Income Communitites's income verification services are designed to provide a secure and efficient way for individuals to validate their income status. Whether it's for accessing financial benefits, loans, government assistance, or other financial services, our platform offers a reliable solution.

Users can provide their income-related information and documents, which are then verified through trusted data sources. This process ensures that only accurate and up-to-date income information is shared with authorized parties. By using's income verification services, individuals can gain access to the financial resources they need while safeguarding their personal information, all while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and requirements. It's a convenient and secure way to streamline the income verification process.

Resident Verification

Residency verification is setup with both Identity and Residency on the policy. If the Identity portion of the verification returns an address that is within the region (configured using GIS data) then the residency portion will be skipped. However, if the address is not within the region then the user will be prompted to enter in their current residential address, a check will be done to make sure that the submitted address is within the region and then the user will be prompted to upload documentation that proves their residency for verification.