Welcome to ID.me for developers! If you are interested in integrating ID.me, you are in the right place. Here we will cover how to get started implementing ID.me.

Community Verification User Experience

To get started with an integration you’ll need to do the following:

In Cart/Checkout

For eCommerce stores looking to provide group discounts using ID.me, best practice is to have the ID.me button located in cart and/or checkout specifically near the promo code section. Many customers look near the promo code section for additional discounts and having the ID.me button located here will drive performance and up to 7x increased conversion rates.

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Landing Page

Integrating ID.me on a landing page is a great way to improve SEO, bring awareness and let users know how to take advantage of the program. While a landing page integration can be standalone, many partners opt to leverage a landing page to supplement another integration location such as cart/checkout to provide an additional entry point. Regardless of whether or not ID.me is integrated on the landing page, creating a landing page to go along with the program is highly recommended and can provide a location for ID.me to drive traffic through your Shop listing.

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Within Account

ID.me’s group verification can be tied to an existing account on the partners side. Users can log in to their account before verifying their group affiliation through ID.me. Once verified, ID.me will provide unique identifiers that can be ingested to ensure a 1:1 match between a verified individual and an account on the partners side. ID.me also returns a JSON payload of verified user data which can be mapped at the account level to maintain data integrity and reduce friction.

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Single Sign On

ID.me enables applications to participate in a federated single sign-on (SSO) relationship with the ID.me network of verified group credentials. ID.me partners can leverage our SSO solution as a standalone sign-up/sign-in mechanism – or include it as an optional path to facilitate user choice. ID.me SSO can streamline the application login process, and ensure that only verified members of an affinity group can gain access to partners' products and services.

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ID.me enables seamless omnichannel experiences by providing online and in-store verification solutions for partners like Verizon, Lowe’s, Academy Sports, Pandora, and many others. Verifying customers in-store with ID.me protects customer data, increases customer loyalty, and expands the partner’s knowledge of their customer base—while removing the burden of determining customer eligibility from store employees.

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Call Center

ID.me is able to power your call center to verify users in real-time. For example, a user will contact your call center, and a call center agent will collect information about the user such as first name, last name and birth date. The call center agent will enter this information in their UI and submit this information to make an API call to our REST API. If the response comes back verified, the user is able to receive discounts or access to the offer.

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